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Yourfarmstand in a nutshell

Yourfarmstand enables consumers to buy fresh local food directly from local independent farmers and producers in one simple transaction. Participating farmers choose what to sell and how much to charge, just like a farmers market, but they only pick and deliver what they’ve sold, saving them time and money. Customers can order anytime from any number of farmers, pay in a single transaction, and pick up all their purchases at a convenient location. They get access to local and organic food through the convenience of their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Yourfarmstand can enable your community to support local independent growers and help build a strong local food network through this new and exciting way of getting food from farm to plate.

At Yourfarmstand, your market is part of an interconnected but independent network of online markets. Customers currently are able to shop in any open market and farmers can sell in multiple markets from a single account. With three years experience in supporting online farmers markets, Yourfarmstand is a tried and proven system. In addition, we have lots of plans for Yourfarmstand and we want you to be a part of it!

Our Mission

We are a team of small producers who have been running Yourfarmstand since 2010. As producers, we know the importance of making our local food systems more sustainable and being part of the farm-to-plate movement. Our local market in Charlotte VT has run every week for three years and is vibrant and successful all year round. This experience makes us one of the most experienced providers of online markets today.

We are dedicated to the idea of direct sales from farm to customers and recognize that not everyone can make the times of farmers markets or commitments to CSAs. Yourfarmstand provides a great opportunity to expand access to local foods: there’s no reason why anyone should not enjoy local produce!

In our effort to promote our mission, Yourfarmstand now supports other communities’ plans to strengthen their local food supply chain. These include online-only markets, traditional farmers markets, and food hubs. In addition, we support institutionally connected markets like the one at Middlebury College and another through the HR Wellness Program at Vermont Country Store.

Let us work with you next.

Suzy, Mike, and Joe

Market and website features

We host the website and have automated all the server-based processes, including:

  • All bookkeeping and financial transactions
  • Customer deposits, transactions, and payments
  • Market fulfillment logistics and sorting lists
  • Refunding
  • Customer and farmer contacts

Farmers and producers are able to:

  • Choose what you want to sell and set its retail price
  • Create and manage offers with easy-to-use menus
  • Receive payment automatically online, requiring no invoicing or collecting
  • Bring only what you sold - no waste
  • Sell in multiple markets from one account
  • Check your real-time sales at any time and view your sales history

Orders are consolidated into pick lists, which are e-mailed to each participating farmer. Money for the items sold automatically flows into the seller's online account and can be withdrawn or used to make purchases.

Consumers have access to local and organic food from small independent farms and can:

  • Browse what's for sale whether you’re logged in or not
  • Buy what you want - no minimum purchases or subscriptions
  • Add to your order up to market close
  • Check out farm descriptions and get to know your farmers
  • View your purchase history

Each market uses our market template but is able to customize its market home page by adding:

  • unique pictures
  • locally relevant text
  • its own social media feed

With our mission and your interest in enabling a local food economy, together we can strengthen your community in a healthy and environmentally conscious way. Contact us today to see if we can help you get an online market started in your community. is a trademark of Charlotte Homesteading Group
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