Our Mission History

We are a team of small producers who have been running Yourfarmstand since 2010. As producers, we know the importance of making our local food systems more sustainable and being part of the farm-to-plate movement. Our local market in Charlotte VT has run every week for three years and is vibrant and successful all year round. This experience makes us one of the most experienced providers of online markets today.

We are dedicated to the idea of direct sales from farm to customers and recognize that not everyone can make the times of farmers markets or commitments to CSAs. Yourfarmstand provides a great opportunity to expand access to local foods: there’s no reason why anyone should not enjoy local produce!

In our effort to promote our mission, Yourfarmstand now supports other communities’ plans to strengthen their local food supply chain. These include online-only markets, traditional farmers markets, and food hubs. In addition, we support institutionally connected markets like the one at Middlebury College and another through the HR Wellness Program at Vermont Country Store.

Let us work with you next.

Suzy, Mike, and Joe

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