Symptoms That Your AC Compressor Is Malfunctioning

The very thing you need to know about air conditioner’s problem is that not all symptoms tell there is something wrong with the compressor. The compressor is the one responsible for transmitting the refrigerant from its liquid form to gas back and forth to generate cool air inside the room. Here are some signs and symptoms that tell that there is something wrong with the air conditioner’s compressor.

Below are three indicators that tell you there is something wrong with the compressor of your air conditioning unit.


  1. Rumble Or Pop Noise

Any unfamiliar and uncommon noise coming from the air conditioner such as clicking, pop or rumbling sound can be symptoms that the compressor has a problem. This is unusual noise that an air conditioning unit would make and it is a particular indicator that there is trouble on the compressor of the air conditioner. The thing is, there might be some worn out components in the compressor or the electric relay switch that causes this and the help of the professional technician can fix the tricky job of the electrical parts.


  1. Presence Of Moisture Around The Unit

If you had noticed there is wetness on the air conditioning system then this can be the refrigerant that is bursting out from the compressor, and this is hazardous to human’s health. There are cases that it can cause dizziness, cough, or a headache once you inhaled the vapor or when it is there for a long time. The same with the noise, leaks from any parts can quickly be spotted and indicates trouble in the compressor.


  1. Warmer And Limited Airflow

One signs that there is something wrong with the compressor is when the air conditioner does not generate the same effective coolness inside the room. If you have already removed all fixtures that could cause the blockage or impedance of its coolness, then there is a fat chance that the compressor of your air conditioner is already malfunctioning. This is most common for old and worn out AC.

If you think you are not handy to fix and determine what could be the defect on your air conditioning unit, then you can always call the HVAC professionals and trust that they got the skills and knowledge to fix it. The truth is, it is still better to know at least the signs and symptoms so that you can determine that you truly need help from them and of course to save yourself from further expenses and hassles. If you notice that your air conditioning is struggling with these symptoms, then it just tells that the compressor is working badly or has some defect. This, in fact, is also dangerous to properties so better be safe than sorry. Just like some parts of the body, it will not heal without the right medicine and people to take care of it, machines, on the other hand, needs to be fixed with technicians before it will resign from doing its work or it could harm you and your family.